Well I has been a while since I have written my blog. Well I am currently at Ettimadai for campus placement. I reached here on 6th morning of the month. What to say about the journey. From Amritapuri to Ettimadai it was by bus. The journey was uneventful though I got really very little sleep. There was also a puncture for our bus that was taken cared by our own cheetan. Well on reaching to Ettimadai the first thing that strikes you is the climate. It is terribly cold here. Then the scenic beauty of the place simply bowls you over. Towering mountains, Green pastures and clear skies the combination of these factors are simply bewitching. There is a certain amount of real charm that enchants you to this place.
Well enough for the beauty of the place. Then we were all assigned rooms and the told to go for food. The food was great and was sumptuous. The after having our fill we all settled in our rooms for studying aptitude. My weak point was aptitude and the next day we had a test for Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS). But I was more confident this time beacuse of Get the edge class. Well we worked hard for one day and then had a good night’s sleep. Then the designated day arrived. To be exact 7/12/2009. Well we all had a very light breakfast and went to the “Pandal” Which is an auditorium which is covered using “Shamiana” . Well once there we had a 1-2 hours presentation of CTS. For the presentation Maya Sreekumar,Project director of CTS came for conducting the recruitment process. We had a good session followed by the passion video which was clearly the edited version of the Everyday video of youtube. Well then we were all taken by bus to our respective exam bulidings and directed to our classrooms.
Round 1:This round consisted of quantitative aptitude and english questions and lastly logical problems . In this Aptitude round was comparitively easy. The logical was also easy ,it was like choosing the odd man out. it was really easy. The only section that really was hard was the English round. It had 25 question 20 minutes. It was really tough as it contained 2 paragraph which was really long.
Reaction:Well, At first I thought that I really had a chance. But since I did not do well in the english portion,I was a touch hesitant about the result.
Result: Well I passed the test and had to attend an interview the very next day(great!!)
Round 2:InterviewOn the day of the interview,naturally I was very tensed. Then to ease my tension, I remmembered Ratheesh Sir’s Advice. “How can you say no unless and and untill you try”. That really made me at ease. My interview was at 8:30 pm. I went there by 8:00 o’clock. There was one or two students who came to attend the exam as we have. Then in the IT block of the campus where we were to have our interview,we proceeded to the building and the searched for our respective rooms. The panel was panel 35 for me. When I went there it was the same place that our Veena also had interview. That sort of really calmed me down. Atleast I have one familar face among unfamilar ones. Then by 9:00 our Interviewer came and started our interview. Brr… then I was really scared. But then I got a new friend. He was a boy from Ettimadai campus,final year btech cs.His name is karthik. We started to discuss the various questions and then on impulse I asked him to explain normalization to me. He did it in a very efficent way and that really helped me. Then it was my turn to attend the interview. Well i was asked about my introduction,about what sub queries were, About my final semester project during my Bsc computer science , what php was and its working and basic questions from c and c++. Then really came the question What is normalization and what was it used for? really it was God who send karthik to me. I really explained well .That was the majority of the questons that was asked to me.
Reaction:When compared with the aptitude results I was far more confident but then again I had’nt done very well in the Hr questions.
Result: Well, I got the job!!(Hurray!!!Yahoo…..)I searched for Karthik in the subsequent days. I did not meet him till now. But because of him I was able to answer my crucial questions.Thank you Karthik!!