It was during last years Amritakalotsavam that Unni my friend and classmate for 6 years asked me whether I would like to participate as his teammate for the quiz competition in connection with the Kalotsavam. I said yes although I had no idea as to what help I would be to him. Our colleges Quizzes were always conducted by Karthik sir who simply is the best quiz master around. during this particular quiz we were representing our house( Jyothirmayi). It was during the prelims that I first came to experience the quiz genius that was Unni. He was very sharp and combined with that he had an in-depth knowledge about just about every subject in the world. His special forte was geography which he calls as “easy!”. We passed the prelims and were selected for the final 4. In the finals we finished 3rd. After the quiz we started attending every quiz that was conducted in the college. We became our regular quizzers in our college. Totally we attend some 4 or 5 quizzes together and came up on top in most of these quizzes. kudos to Unni and those quizzes which has given me great memories to cherish about my college life!!