Walking in the rain!!

  I still remember that night. It happened when I was at 2 or 3rd standard. It was the night that made me love the rainy season. I Kerala we celebrate Onam. It is a state festival of Kerala. So in the city which I live we have a week-long celebration of Onam. It includes government sponsored fares,various cultural programmes and as the grand finale on the last day a gala procession. This procession includes various floats, band marches, police aerobic teams etc. Usually it is a time when families come together and celebrate this grand festival of Kerala. It is a time which we all malayalies thoroughly enjoy.
       Like all other families ours also went to see the procession.It inculded me ,my sister, father and mother. The procession started at about 5. It was always an amazing to see the various types of floats the make each year. We enjoyed the procession thoroghly.Our house is near by the main road , so at about 7 my mother went home to prepare dinner. Father and us remained to see the rest of the procession. suddenly there happened a downpour. It was raining like cats and dogs. Within a span of 10 minutes all the people gathered there were dispersed. There was a huge rush and since I was small father took me in his one arm and with the other he clutched my sister’s hand very tightly and started to walk towards our home. The huge rush mad progress difficult, but that walk in the rain was enjoyed throughly by me. We three were completely drenched when we got home. But it is that night, that walk in the rain with my father and sister that made me fall in love with the rainy season. Even after so many years the memory of that walk is still alive in me!!.