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Welldone Sachin!!! You have really shown that you are the greatest batsmen in the world. skeptics may argue that it was a batting pitch but I just want to remind every one that on the same pitch South Africa needed 9 batsmen to score 200 where as India needed only  one! That it self speaks volumes about the Little Master


I have just heard that the official comment confirming the lost radio contact with Chandrayaan has been made public. Is it a failure? Never not on your life. The world has seen what India can do ,moreover we ourselves have seen what we could achieve with hard work and a little amount of faith. So chandrayaan is not the end but the beginning of a new era of space technology for INDIA. Jai Hind!!

My country a land of possibilities

My country a land of culture

My country a land of sages

My country a land of promise

My country fearless and brave

My country a land of Ingenious minds

My country a land of  eternal life

My country a land of heavenly beauty

My country  land of Mahatmas

My country My home land